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The Institutional Investment Group (2IG) is one of the leading independent platforms for real estate investments in Germany and Europe.

The Group specialises in services for institutional real estate funds under German and Luxembourg law.

With around 300 employees, 2IG manages more than 30 billion euros of real estate assets in about 25 countries, making it a market leader in the administration of real estate assets.

Our Services

Our Business Divisions

2IG offers the core of its services, a highly specialized platform for professional real estate investments based on a powerful and scalable IT structure, and comprehensive real estate know-how to institutional investors as well as asset managers and their AIFM. In order to prevent any conflicts of interest from the outset, the various target groups are served in legally separated business units:

Within the 2IG group, Institutional Investment Partners (2IP)  focuses on the special needs of institutional clients and serves as their best-in-class investment platform (e.g. as Master-KVG/AIFM, especially for German or Luxembourg funds).

Institutional Investment Consulting Partners (2ICP) advises institutional investors during all phases of the investment cycle of direct and indirect real estate investments. The range of services includes strategic portfolio planning & research, asset manager and product selection, investment analysis and optimisation as well as investment controlling.

ServiceInvest Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft is the leading brand of the Asset Servicing Division, which combines all KVG/AIFM insourcing services of 2IG.

The division’s three units provide middle and back office services for property managers and their capital management companies.

In addition, ServiceInvest Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft enables asset managers to develop, issue and manage real estate AIF.

Our Services

The Institutional Investment Group offers a broad range of services along the value chain of professional real estate investments. The services of the Investor Solutions Division are tailored precisely to the needs of institutional investors, while those of the Asset Servicing Division are geared to those of asset managers and their AIFM/KVG.


Issuing and administration of demand-oriented real estate special funds (open and closed) in Germany and Luxembourg.

Investment Consulting

Strategic portfolio planning & research, asset manager and product selection, investment analysis, optimisation and controlling.

Partner Funds

Issuing and administration of AIF for Asset Managers.

AIFM/KVG Insourcing

Insourcing of middle and back office services such as (international) fund and company accounting, reporting, risk management, hedging services via a regulated insourcing partner.

Our Vision

We set standards in the demand-oriented structuring and scalable administration of real asset investments.

Through innovative technologies and scalable processes, always with a view to the evolving regulatory requirements, we are driving forward digitalisation and thus the further professionalisation of the real estate asset class.

Our Values

Partnership behaviour is one of our most important values. A partnership requires fairness, respect, trust and mutual understanding, but also constructive criticism - open and honest.
Sustainability as well as long-term thinking and acting are basic principles for us as an owner-managed company. This also means that we deal transparently with all risks and opportunities, analyse them and examine them carefully, but also act just as consistently and quickly after a decision has been made.
It is important to us that the inner conviction that we want to achieve something outstanding in an innovative company and to constantly improve is the decisive motivator for the success of our work.
Because we want to make a difference in our business areas and achieve our ambitious goals, we attach great importance to coordinated behaviour, process effectiveness and efficiency. The best and most motivated employees can only achieve a great deal if their individual performance is combined.
We are of the opinion that this is the only way to apply Aristotle's quote "The whole is more than the sum of its parts" and to achieve the best performance as a company.
We are committed to creating value for our clients by continually improving their real estate investment and the underlying IT and data processes.
This can only be achieved through a high degree of competence. Professional excellence in conjunction with congruent management and behavioural principles should be the central building block of our joint success with our customers.
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Latest news from the Institutional Investment Group
(mostly in German)

Deka Immobilien investiert in Büroprojekt in Österreich für neuen geschlossenen Immobilienfonds in Zusammenarbeit mit 2IP als Master-KVG20200529110326
Invester und UBM JV verkaufen Wiener Mixed-Use Projekt an GalCap20200309125044
INVESTER/UBM Joint-Venture Projekt Pohlgasse 26 verkauft20200304125631


Professional Articles & Interviews
(mostly in German)

Die geschlossene InvKG – vom Schattendasein zum Standardvehikel20200811121646

Die geschlossene InvKG – vom Schattendasein zum Standardvehikel

11. August 2020
2013 eröffnete sich mit der Einführung des KAGB für Investoren und Fondsanbieter eine breitere Produktpalette an regulierten Anlagevehikeln etwa in Form der Spezial-Investment-Kommanditgesellschaft (Spezial-InvKG). Warum das Interesse an gerade diesem Format in der jüngeren Vergangenheit deutlich zunahm erörtert Tobias Moroni In der aktuellen Ausgabe des Fachmagazins „Immobilien & Finanzierung“....
Fonds sind eine Option für Immobilien-Direktbestände20200622133219

Fonds sind eine Option für Immobilien-Direktbestände

22. Juni 2020
Tobias Moroni, Managing Director Institutional Investment Partners, beschreibt in einem Beitrag im "Private Banking Magazin", warum sich institutionelle Anleger mit dem Gedanken beschäftigen sollten, Immobilien-Direktbestände in Fonds einzubringen....
Beständigkeit in volatilen Marktphasen – Einbringung von Immobilien-Direktbeständen in Immobilienfonds aus Sicht von Pensionskassen20200421085017

Beständigkeit in volatilen Marktphasen – Einbringung von Immobilien-Direktbeständen in Immobilienfonds aus Sicht von Pensionskassen

21. April 2020
Tobias Moroni, Managing Director Institutional Investment Partners, beschreibt in einem Beitrag in der Beilage "Pensionskassen & Stiftungen" der Börsen Zeitung, welche Effekte die Einbringung von Direktbeständen in Immobilienfonds für Pensionskassen haben kann und worauf dabei zu achten ist. ...


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